Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why Sean James' Castles are second to none, and they all stem from Sean's eye for detail and quality. The quality of the design, materials and construction are second to none and this is what has brought Sean James to the forefront of the industry in the past few years.

Not Just Any Wood

All Sean James Castles are built using the highest quality tanalised timber. This is a timber that has been vacuum pressure treated with preservative chemicals and is the same wood that would be seen in public timber adventure playgrounds. So, what does this mean for the castles? well, pressure treated wood repels vermin, insects and rot and provides a clean, bright, long-life timber which should last for 20 plus years under even the harshest conditions and completely eliminates the need for regular preservative treatments or any other form of maintenance.

How does this compare to the materials our competitors use? Well each plank of tanalised wood used in the construction of our castles is just shy of 2 inches thick, this is is over 4 times the thickness of the wood used by most commercial catalogue-based companies. The majority of competitors work also still uses thin tongue and groove techniques, or even fence panelling to keep costs to a minimum.

The Construction

All the ground work, and positioning of the foundation posts are done to the same standard as you would see on a construction site. The foundations, cross beams and braces are all done as if building a house. There is absolutely no compromises and you will be left with no doubt that our castles are built to last, they hold very large adults just as easily as children... They wont move, they wont wobble, they wont even budge an inch.

The Finish

The quality of the features, details, and finishing touches also really set Sean James Castles apart. Turrets are individually designed and crafted, features such as the climbing frames, drawbridges, cargo nets and climbing walls are integrated seamlessly into the design of the entire structure rather that added in as an afterthought or bolt-on extra. All in all the overall quality of the product far exceeds anything else you will find and has to be seen to be believed - these are items of true prestige in which Sean James taken enormous pride.