A Closer Look

  • Armoury

    One of the important rooms of the castle. Stock pile your armor, shields and weapons ready for battle.

  • Armor

    Our armor is exclusively designed by one of the finest medieval/reenactment costume makers in England who has come together with the designer Sean James to create these one-off pieces of armor which are made to measure and one of a kind.

  • Secret Vaults

    No castle would be complete without its secret vaults for your treasure.

  • Slides

    No castle would be complete without a slide and a storming ramp!

  • Secret Passages

    When the invading forces attack, tunnels are a way to get all around your fortress and remain hidden!

  • Ladders: Static & Mobile

    The castles include all sorts of ways to get around, because once the invasion starts, quick access to the battlements is essential!

  • Cargo Nets

    Just one of many climbing options for your castle which offer a way for more than one young knight to climb at once.

  • Climbing Pit

    Our castles have climbing walls, climbing ropes, cargo nets, ladders, and anything else you can think of to get your young knights in training for daring maiden rescues.

  • Drawbridges

    Pull up the drawbridge!!! - Our drawbridges are very effective focal points to the castle. Plus when the invading forces breach the walls you may need a hasty means of escape.

  • Windows

    The enclosed rooms can have windows.

  • Battlements

    Battlements are essential for the effective defense of your castle.

  • Secret Rooms

    Hide away, have secret meetings, your place for when you want nobody to find you.

  • Climbing Wall Grips

    Our climbing wall fittings are of the highest quality to represent longevity, safety and a cool look!

  • Advanced Turret Designs

    Lots of time goes into the construction of our turrets as they are one of the first things people notice. We will design these to be completely unique to you.